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  1. Hybrid Inverter: A 100 kW hybrid inverter was installed. Hybrid inverters are capable of managing both solar energy production and energy storage from batteries.

  2. Solax Hybrid Inverters: There were 7 Solax Hybrid Inverters, each with a capacity of 15 kW. Solax is a well-known brand in the solar energy industry.

  3. Lithium Triple Three Batteries: A total of 56 lithium batteries with a capacity of 5.8 kWh each were included. These batteries likely provide energy storage for use during times when solar energy production is low.

  4. Ackome Bi Facial Panels: The installation consisted of 224 by 465 Watt Ackome Bi Facial solar panels. Bi-facial panels are designed to capture sunlight from both sides, potentially increasing overall energy production.

Overall, this installation showcases a comprehensive solar energy solution, combining a high-capacity hybrid inverter system, powerful solar panels, and a substantial battery storage system. It's important for such installations to be carefully planned and executed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.t here